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Classroom Assessment: A Practical Guide for Educators

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Author : Dr Craig A Mertler
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Description : bull; Provides detailed information onmiddot; the functions of assessment;middot; how to construct, administer, and interpret the results of teacher-developed assessment techniques; andmiddot; how to interpret the results of externally developed instruments such as standardized tests.bull; Both traditional and newer, alternative assessment techniques are covered.bull; Advantages and disadvantages of each assessment technique are discussed.bull; A companion website helps both instructors and students obtain additional information on topics of special interest to them.bull; Numerous examples of the principles and procedures make it easy for students to understand the material.bull; The highly practical nature of this book stems from the focus on how assessment intertwines with other everyday activities in classrooms.bull; Measurement theory and computational procedures that are unlikely to be used by classroom teachers are de-emphasized, producing a textbook that provides comprehensive coverage without being unnecessarily technical.

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