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An Introduction to Industrial Service Design

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Description : Service design has established itself as a practice that enables industries to design and deliver their services with a human-centred approach. It creates a contextual and cultural understanding that offers opportunities for new service solutions, improving the user experience and customer satisfaction.With contributions from leading names in the field of service design from both academia and international, professional practice, An Introduction to Industrial Service Design is engaging yet practical and accessible.Case studies from leading companies such as ABB, Autodesk, Kone and Volkswagen enable readers to connect academic research with practical company applications, helping them to understand the basic processes and essential concepts. This book illustrates the role of the service designer in an industrial company, and highlights not only the value of customer experience, but also the value of employee experience in creating competitive services and value propositions. This human-centred approach brings about new innovations.This book will be of benefit to engineers, designers, businesses and communication experts working in industry, as well as to students who are interested in service development.

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