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The Art Of Putzing: Your Guide To A Guilt-Free Retirement Of Puttering Around, Goofing Off And Sleeping In

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Author : Mark Decker, John Hickey
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Description : About 10,000 people retire every day. Thatrsquo;s about 4 million potential Putzers every year who are abandoning the endless pursuit of pursuits to adopt a life centered on the freedom of doing nothing.Colleagues, friends and relatives of these budding Putzers will need an appropriate retirement gift to show they really care. The Art Of Putzing is more reliable and cheaper than a gold watch! Guided by Professor H. Ernst Angstromrsquo;s humor and literary wisdom, the Putzer in your life will be doing nothing in no time at all without even realizing theyrsquo;re doing it.The golden years, or any age really, is a ripe time to reclaim your inalienable right to goof off without feeling guilty about it.

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