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Succeeding in your application to University: A guide for students, parents and teachers to prepare the perfect UCAS Personal Statement (includes 98 Personal Statement examples

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Author : Matt Green
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Description : Chapter 1: BackgroundThe structure of this guideThe importance of the university Personal StatementHow a UCAS Personal Statement enhances your university applicationChapter 2: Applying to university through UCASWhat is UCAS?Key dates: How to apply and whenWhat is on the UCAS form?The importance of your referenceChapter 3: Where and what to studyChoosing a courseChoosing a universityApplying to different subjectsGrade requirements and competition for coursesChapter 4: Important factors to considerTuition fees and financial helpTaking a gap year: Help or hindranceWorking in the industry: Sandwich courseRepeating exams: Not the end of the worldChapter 5: The Clearing processChapter 6: Personal Statement overviewThe UCAS Personal StatementGathering ideasWhat a UCAS Personal Statement should containThe rules your UCAS Personal Statement needs to adhere toStructuring your Personal StatementThe introductory paragraphJustifying your choice of courseThe main bodyDescribing your academic experiencesWriting about your work experienceWriting about your extra-curricular activitiesComposing your concluding paragraphChapter 7: Writing tipsTop tipsReflectionHow to turn something mundane into a positiveThe dirty dozen: Most common mistakesChapter 8: From lsquo;Draftrsquo; to lsquo;Refinedrsquo;An example to considerEnhancing your Personal StatementChapter 9: Overseas and mature studentsOverseas studentsMature studentsChapter 10: Redrafting and proofreadingChapter 11: Information for teachers and parentsChapter 12: Further reference: Personal Statement examplesChapter 13: Final thoughtsAppendix: Useful websites

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