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How To Ask For More and Get It: The Art Of Creative Negotiation

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Author : Francis Greenburger, Thomas Kiernan
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Description : ldquo;How To Ask For More And Get It is not, as the title might suggest, a book for the greedy, pursuing compulsive and unrealistic dreams of acquiring more worldly wealth. Rather, it is designed to help the average person get his due in the thousands of exchanges, both mundane and important, that punctuate his or her life,rdquo; says Francis Greenburger and Thomas Kiernan.All of us are confronted daily with countless exchanges, both ordinary and extraordinary, the outcomes of which largely define the quality of our lives. In fact, the Exchange is the single most frequent and important process of our interpersonal existence. Negotiation is the art of consistently turning these exchanges to onersquo;s advantage, and this book shows how to master this art.Using examples from real-life situations, the authors show you how to develop your basic negotiating skillsmdash;how to state your criteria, who makes the first move, what tactics to use, how to set your goals and establish a strategymdash;in short, how to win!Whether you are an employee bargaining for a raise, the tenant applying for a lease, the homeowner planning an expansion, the spouse settling a quarrel, a man with an attractive young lady in mindhellip;whether you are the layman or the professional, this book will teach you how to make the most of the exchanges which touch every facet of your life.ldquo;Imagine yourself in any of the following situations:

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