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Principles and Applications of Metal Rolling

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Author : Siddhartha Ray
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Description : Rolling is an important metal forming process which involves the passing of metal stock through a pair of rollers. It is categorized depending on the recrystallization temperature of the metal rolled. This book covers the entire gamut of rolling technology in one volume. It begins with a brief history of rolling, and goes on to discuss different rolling processes, the deformation of materials, and the classification of rolling mills and stands. The book discusses rolling applications of steel blooms, slabs, bars, plates, rods, heavy sections and non-ferrous metals in detail. It covers important rolling process parameters, including rolling friction, stress and strain across rolled strip thickness, rolling torque and power and roll separation force. It also provides details on the design and applications of various rolling equipment, including mill rolls, neck bearings, spindles, coilers and decoilers.

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