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Manifest $10,000: Learn How to Manifest 10,000 by Using the Law of Attraction and Improving Your Money Mindset

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Author : Cassie Parks
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Description : To someone on the outside it seems like some people just naturally win the lottery ndash; by a stroke of circumstance, they are a money magnet. In reality, even if money was handed to someone on a silver platter, they have to manage to keep it and allow more in. That has more to do with a strong money mindset than with being lucky. After Cassie Parks realized she could change her money beliefs to become one of ldquo;thoserdquo; people who easily make and keep money, she spent years figuring out exactly how to change her money mindset. Now that she has, her money mindset supports money coming into her life easily and sticking around for the party. Parks has spent the last two years teaching other people how to manifest more money into their lives ndash;whether they were entrepreneurs, employees or unemployed. The step-by-step process Parks teaches is the basis of Manifest $10,000. Directions to the intersection of abundance, mindset, ease, and grace is what you will find in Manifest $10,000. Using inspiring stories about people who have manifested more money into their lives, and providing instructions and analysis about why others havenrsquo;t been successful in the past, Parks will guide you through the process of learning to manifest $10,000 into your life in the next 90 days ndash; in a way that feels simple and fun.

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