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Ergonomics in Action: A Practical Guide for the Workplace

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Author : Celine McKeown
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Description : This is a reprint of 978-0-901357-47-2Ergonomics in action: a practical guide for the workplace is a no-nonsense introduction to the principles of workplace ergonomics. The book is very user-friendly and written in a clear, jargon-free style, and gives straightforward explanations and practical examples. Useful summaries at the end of each chapter highlight key points at a glance. The book focuses on ergonomics in the design process, job design and work organisation. It covers specific areas of ergonomic importance; including hand tools, computer use and manual handling, and also addresses the complex and sometimes controversial topic of upper limb disorders. Ergonomics in action also includes a chapter on the basics of anthropometry and offers several practical case studies to illustrate the human and commercial benefits of following good ergonomic principles. As a consultant ergonomist, Celine McKeown has extensive experience of applying the principles of ergonomics to a wide variety of sectors. She also trains, advises and writes on a broad range of ergonomics and health and safety issues.

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